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Fifth Harmony Hacked By ISIS? Justin Bieber SHADES Fan (DHR)

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Fifth Harmony’s website gets hacked and Justin Bieber shades a fan? All this & more on today’s Daily Hollywood Rundown.

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6 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony Hacked By ISIS? Justin Bieber SHADES Fan (DHR)

  1. i used to defend justin too but enough is enough. i mean everyone says that the justification is the fact that he started so young but i mean, it’s not like he’s the only artist ever who started young. and he wasn’t even that young, i mean he was like 16. let’s see, justin timberlake, demi, britney, miley, selena, other actors like ryan gosling, et friggin’ cetera. if they can be nice and grow up to be decent people, then why cant he? i feel like he’s an asshole and he’d still be one even if he had started yesterday.

  2. This is the first time I agree with Justin. I never liked him but this time it’s different. Justin Bieber is a human being and has been told not to take pictures. But she didn’t listen. To make it worse she’s 20. Justin obviously got pissed off but at least he didn’t yell. People need to learn how to respect other people’s space.

  3. Justin just continues to prove he’s still a douche. There are more mature ways to handle the situation. As to the girl’s mom, when you have kids, they’re never too old for you to stick up for them. They’re always your babies even when grown.

  4. I hate the news these two bs people report all the time. The bottom- guy looks like he need a big black dick in his mouth

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