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Fifth Harmony OVER ‘Fake’ Camila Cabello (Completely Weekly)

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On today’s BONUS episode of Completely Weekly, we’re breaking down the feuds of the week including Britney Spears vs Katy Perry, Justin Bieber vs The Weeknd AND Camila Cabello vs Lauren Jauregui.

5H promo photo, Camila Cabello crying

Vivian Fabiola @vivianfabiolav
Ryland Adams @ryland_adams
Erin Robinson @heyerinrobinson
Sinead De Vries @sineaddevries

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5 thoughts on “Fifth Harmony OVER ‘Fake’ Camila Cabello (Completely Weekly)

  1. I think we’re all making stories out of nothing. Literally she had anxiety about recording and was giving herself a pep talk. So calm the fuck down.

  2. i still don’t get why people keep talking about it if they’ve moved on now and Camilla has became a solo pop (or whatever u call it) she is on the billboard ❤❤❤ and shes happy and that’s all that matters right? so I don’t get why people start talking about it and keep bringing it up and spreading rumours and telling lies what’s the whole point??? I don’t get it! someone please tell me!

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