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Louis Tomlinson Addresses Larry Stylinson “Romance?” (Rumor Patrol)

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Is Louis Tomlinson finally speaking out about the Larry One Direction Romance? We’ve got the truth on Rumor Patrol!

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6 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson Addresses Larry Stylinson “Romance?” (Rumor Patrol)

  1. Where is Ryland? he should be doing this??? All of rumor patrol news, he missed this????? he’s the one who knows if it’s true… it’s true…

  2. Omg can you guys just drop it. Larries are so Annoying. Harry and Louis can literally just say hi to each other an y’all are like OMG LARRY IS REAL OMG. Like chill he just said it’s not real and a bit disrespectful. Louis is a father and has a girlfriend. It’s 2017 get over yourselfs and just respect Louis and harry.

  3. It’s funny how people think Larry is your everyday regular ship when it’s not. It’s more of a theory than a little game. Most larry shippers don’t use silly photoshop pics as proof, or think them breathing next to each other is evidence. There’s been a bunch of suspicious activity surrounding the ship(+band) for a long time, and the boys never want to address that. Every time it gets brought up, they never try to debunk “evidence” videos, or some of the odd twitter activity in the past, they just talk about fanfic and photoshop pics. I really wish for once people would ask logical and deep questions regarding Larry instead of half assed attempts, leaving the boys to repeat the same stuff over and fumble with their words.

    1. Also please Clevver News stop reporting on this dead horse, didn’t you already make a vid like this a week ago?

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