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Louis Tomlinson Calls Out Justin Bieber For Cancelling Tour & Talks Zayn

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It’s been a couple weeks since Justin Bieber announced that he would, in fact, not be completing his Purpose tour, which started back in May of 2016, and many have supported the singer, who went on record saying his reason for leaving his tour simply came down to “exhaustion.” Now another voice is speaking out, and that voice might not be so empathetic.
Louis Tomlinson sat down with Amp Radio and when asked what he thought about Justin cancelling his tour, had a very surprising answer.
Now, that’s a lot different to what we heard from John Mayer, who immediately took to Twitter to defend Bieber and offer encouragement to the singer after his fans were extremely upset over the news of the cancellation. Now obviously Louis is also no stranger to exhausting work schedules, especially now he is also taking on the solo world head on, and he is extremely grateful for his fans that have followed him on his journey, saying QUOTE “at the end of the day, it’s the people who are buying the records that are putting you where are you.”
Louis continued to make his rounds promoting his upcoming album, from which his first solo single, Back To You has already landed the top spot on the Billboard + Twitter top track chart. He later got candid with Andy Cohen on his radio show where he spoke about everything from Zayn Malik to Donald Trump.
In heartwarming news, Louis revealed that he and Zayn were on good terms, which was actually Louis’ late mother’s wish for her son and his former friend.
Now that’s the news we like to hear. And in less surprising news, Louis also revealed that Donald Trump once kicked him and the rest of his 1D bandmates out of a hotel for not making time to have a personal meet and greet with the Trump family. Because when you’re One Direction, how dare you not have time to meet Mr. Trump himself?!
Andy shared his thoughts on Louis’ story about Trump, simply saying QUOTE “It doesn’t take much to piss her off.”
And now it’s time for you to share YOUR thoughts. Do you think Louis was a little harsh on the Biebs? Leave it all in the comments below and then click right here to see Harry Styles make history! And of course, hit that subscribe button for even more Clevver. I’m your host, Sinead de Vries, and I’ll see you guys next time!

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5 thoughts on “Louis Tomlinson Calls Out Justin Bieber For Cancelling Tour & Talks Zayn

  1. I think Louis needs to understand that as a celebrity on endless tours can extremely tire you out and can even go crazy. Justin has a history of breaking down and going crazy under a lot of pressure so I think he needs to chill out before he gets back up and does another endless tour. I thought he would understand that. I’m glad him and zayn are friends again I miss them.

  2. But like is noone just talk about how Clevver’s script said “Back To You” was Louis’s first solo single what about “Just Hold On”

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