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Machine Gun Kelly Defends Camila’s Split From Fifth Harmony

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As the feud between Camila Cabello and Fifth Harmony continues, fellow “Good Things” collaborator Machine Gun Kelly has weighed in on the drama, and only has ‘good things’ to say about her.
So let it be known that Camila will always have the full support of MGK, ALL DAY, ERR DAY.

It hasn’t exactly been all holly and jolly this week for Camila Cabello following the harsh back-and-forth statements between her and ex-girl group Fifth Harmony, but yet another one of her collab partners has come forward and weighed in on her decision.

Following Camila’s previous collab partner and good friend Shawn Mendes’ social media response supporting her decision, Machine Gun Kelly, who’s been spending quite some time with Camila over the past few months, has shared his thoughts on her departure from the group in a recent radio interview, and, good news guys: he’s also in FULL support-mode.
He went on to talk about the timing of her departure on the same day as “Bad Things” went gold, adding, “It seems like, the way it played out, it wasn’t great timing…but I know that it was all so genuine.”

MGK also mentioned that it seemed as though Camila’s treatment by her former bandmates has been borderline ‘bullying,’ saying QUOTE, “I don’t like to see someone like that almost get picked on.” Ok so I know that wasn’t the happiest of statements, but really quick, is anyone else loving this big-brother/little-sister bond these two have?!

ANYWAY, MGK was clearly on a roll as he even gave a bit of advice for the four remaining members of Fifth Harmony. He said QUOTE, “All these constant releasing of statements, it’s like, bruh, say your peace and go. This isn’t something that started in a garage together. This was put together. So be grateful for the years that it was. Be happy for what’s to come.”

Well if that isn’t the most outspoken, straight up, NO BS statement of 2016, then I don’t know what is! So right now seems like a good time to turn it over to you guys: What did you think about MGK’s statement about Camila leaving Fifth Harmony, were you surprised or just overall happy he’s siding with her? Share all your thoughts right down here in the comments and after that, click right over here to get into the holiday spirit with some ugly holiday sweater inspiration on Dirty Laundry. Thanks for hanging out with me here on Clevver News, I’m your girl Joslyn Davis… see ya!

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5 thoughts on “Machine Gun Kelly Defends Camila’s Split From Fifth Harmony

  1. I love fifth harmony but I also love camila and the songs that she has done
    without the rest of the girls are honestly amazing! We all know that groups
    don’t last so why is everyone getting so mad and upset plus it’s her life
    she’s truly amazing and talented

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