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Welcome to the 'Tyrell and Ash' channel, this video is 'SMASH OR PASS!? (CELEBRITY EDITION)’! Hit that SUBSCRIBE button if you want to become a part of our FAMILY! It will definitely make you laugh and put a smile on your face!! SO, CHECK IT OUT! The ORIGINAL video: Don't forget

Taylor Swift DEFENDS Logan Paul?! (Rumor Patrol)

More Celebrity News ►► Logan Paul has found himself in a lot of hot water lately… but did T. Swift actually stick up for him? We’re breaking it all down, right now on Rumor Patrol! For More Clevver Visit: There are 2 types of people: those who follow us on Facebook and

How People Talk About Celebrity Gossip ft Alisha Marie

We all believe in privacy, kindness and anti-bullying... until we're talking about celebrities. That's wack! Let's work at being kind all the time! Subscribe to Alisha's channel: ... Instagram: Twitter: Follow Me! Subscribe: | Follow my FB: Twitter: If you want to add translations, click the gear icon and go to Subtitles/CC

Dave Hughes criticised for Block purchase | Top 5 Celebrity Scandals

He's the affable Australian radio star who purchased John Barker and Elyse Knowles' house that won them The Block on Sunday.And Dave Hughes has come under some criticism from his wife Holly after she revealed their son Rafferty, eight, had been copping flak at school over the purchase.Speaking to Dave's

Top 10 Actors You Forgot Were in Harry Potter Movies

Top 10 Actors You Forgot Were in Harry Potter Movies Subscribe: Before they were A-listers, they appeared in Harry Potter movies! You may not even remember the small parts they played but if you go back to the movies, look out for these celebrities! Did you know that Alfred Enoch played

Top 10 Celebrities That Are Surprisingly Good Dancers

Top 10 Celebrities Who are Surprisingly Good Dancers Subscribe: These celebrities might be known for their acting chops, but did you know that they’re actually surprisingly good dancers too? Christian Bale, Paul Rudd, Chris Messina, Sam Rockwell, Alfonso Ribeiro, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Vin Diesel, Donald Faison, Paul Rudd, and Tom Hiddleston

Top 10 Disney Movie Crossovers We Want

Top 10 Disney Movie Crossovers We Want Subscribe: The Disney universe is always wonderful and magical. Now imagine if we combined two Disney movies we love and created a crossover?! Take for a second to imagine Brave and The Sword in the Stone; Zootopia and Robin Hood; Tangled and Snow

Celebrity Forecast: James Barker Band takes over Weather Network HQ

Your local forecast brought to you by Canadian country music group James Barker Band. Become a weather junkie -- SUBSCRIBE NOW Follow us on Twitter ► Like us on Facebook ► Follow us on Instagram ► Weather Network approved! Watch more amazing videos right here►► MORE WEATHER VIDEOS: Reporters blown off-camera during